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Creative Consultant, Editor, Contributor, 2014-2015

Art, branding, design, FILM, social issues, POLITICS

As a key member of both the creative and editorial team at the start-up art, I was charged with the overall branding, functionality and visual design of the online platform. I managed a number of creative contributors and writers, encouraging bright new voices to flourish.

Following an application to contribute to the young, start-up culture and social issues publication, vsnotebook., I was offered the role of Screen Editor, taking charge of a small team of writers and providing my own critical material.  I wrote a number of stories across the editorial sections over the course of a year and a half. 

The wind Rises: The Legacy of Hayao Miyazaki

29 years ago, following the success of the film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds (1984), a group of dreamers led by the now legendary Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, set up the animation production company Studio Ghibli. Their moniker, taken from an aircraft engine designed by Giovanni Caproni (who appears in the film) named after the Italian word wind sweeping in from the Sahara, reflects their mission: “to blow a new wind through the anime industry.” Hayao Miyazaki’s final directorial film, The Wind Rises, is an emblem of the dream they set out to accomplish, a retrospective of his recurring personal interests and themes and a fittingly beautiful and beguiling cinematic swansong. 

Lauren Bacall, Cinematic Paragon — Four Part Series

Lauren Bacall will forever be remembered as an indomitable force in cinematic history. This four part series could only ever be vsnotebook’s cliffnotes to her career, featuring the films you should watch (and should have seen) first to begin to appreciate Lauren Bacall as the last paragon of Hollywood’s Golden Age and beyond. Unflinching, her career remains unrivalled. Today, a week since her passing, we will consider her début and formidable beginnings in film noir for which she has become iconic. 

GRADUATE FASHION WEEK Future of Fashion Series

In honour of the suffusion of talent on offer at Graduate Fashion Week, and as a reflection of the vsnotebook mission we will be running a handful of interview showcases with our pick of the brightest graduate fashion talent in our ‘GFW Future of Fashion’ series over the coming days and weeks.



Creative Consultant, 2015

Moreover, I accepted an enhanced role on a company-wide level with the title of Creative Consultant, in which I shared responsibility for the overall image, branding and design of the project — something I had had de facto control over for some time. I ushered in the important second stage in the development of the project, rebranding the company with cleaner typefaces, defined colour palette and an extensive redesign of the website (above), social media and print output.

Beyond aesthetics, I increased functionality in the site, allowing regular contributors to create portfolios of their work. Moreover, I set out a content initiative for serialised columns to become an important fixture for the site, with editors and contributors alike providing regular and continued commentary: drunk reviews of terrible films found on Netflix, recommendations for television, everyday material culture on a plinth, guides to feigning sophistication, travelogues, in-depth critical editorials on cinematic favourites... This required expanding the way the site handled and presented information, and consideration for placement on the overall design.

Below follows a gallery of some of the designs and imagery I have produced for vsnotebook., ranging from branding to web layout designs, print design and content directives.