creative consultant, editor; autumn 2014-autumn 2015
contributor: summer 2014-autumn 2015

art direction, branding, editing, graphic design, marketing, management, writing

Early in 2014 I jumped aboard a start up publication project, vsnotebook., as a contributor and brand/content designer. 

By the spring of 2014 I was promoted to an editorial position in charge of the Art & Culture and Screen sections, two areas that fell perfectly under my areas of interest and expertise. Though my own contributions would continue, the main duties were to look after small teams of regular contributors attached to the two editorial sections and to source and discover other fledging writers, artists and cultural commentators.

The concept of vsnotebook. went beyond that of a simple online publication, serving as an idea space striving to amplify the voices of its fresh, creative contributors. Ensuring their work reached our growing audience in the best format and to the height of its potential was a duty of paramount importance, not only to the vsnotebook. brand, but moreover in service to the numerous young, talented contributors.

Creative Consultant

Moreover, I accepted an enhanced role on a company-wide level with the title of Creative Consultant, in which I shared responsibility for the overall image, branding and design of the project — something I had had de facto control over for some time. I ushered in the important second stage in the development of the project, rebranding the company with cleaner typefaces, defined colour palette and an extensive redesign of the website (above), social media and print output.

Beyond aesthetics, I increased functionality in the site, allowing regular contributors to create portfolios of their work. Moreover, I set out a content initiative for serialised columns to become an important fixture for the site, with editors and contributors alike providing regular and continued commentary: drunk reviews of terrible films found on Netflix, recommendations for television, everyday material culture on a plinth, guides to feigning sophistication, travelogues, in-depth critical editorials on cinematic favourites... This required expanding the way the site handled and presented information, and consideration for placement on the overall design.

Below follows a gallery of some of the designs and imagery I have produced for vsnotebook., ranging from branding to web layout designs, print design and content directives.