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The Logan Symposium

The Logan Symposium

Design and Branding: 2014



In 2014, The Logan Foundation and The Centre for Investigative Journalism brought the successful conference format event, tried and tested in the US — The Logan Symposium — for journalists, artists, activists and hackers to meet, discuss and collaborate in tackling current affairs, social issues and freedom of information. A distinct mission in building an alliance against secrecy, surveillance and censorship pervasive in the contemporary, globalised age.

The event was held at and in association with the Barbican Centre in London and Goldsmiths, University of London providing not only a much needed multimedia venue, but lending an academic and cultural credence to the event and its subjects at hand which might ordinarily be dismissed by the casual citizen. Of course, to those working in the field of journalism — or indeed working as an activist or hacker — the long list of participating speakers, panellists and performers secured for the event was more than enough to secure sell-out attendance.

Brokering a deals with the Guardian newspaper for media coverage and a live commentary stream was key to ensuring the event's exposure reached not only those professionals and enthusiasts in the know and in attendance, but also to spark the interest of the more casual reader and socially conscious reader.