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Editorial Writer: 2016


Between May and October I worked as a writer and the Editorial Assistant at It’s Nice That, researching and writing news and work features about creative work of visual artists and agencies, for the website and the biannual publication, Printed Pages. I also worked alongside the project management team completing copywriting duties, and assisting in the smooth running of social media at their annual symposium, Here London.

During my (extended) placement, I successfully pitched and wrote 135 stories across news, work, regulars and features, as well as fulfilling numerous copywriting duties, photographic and digital duties. My stories were frequently amongst the most read and most wide-reaching across the website and social media platforms.

I most enjoyed researching and writing about advertising, and the different creative roles and voices that go into bringing a concept to life through ideation, planning, production and buying. As with my previous roles, I have engaged with active sourcing, fostering relationships with designers, creative agencies, production companies, public relations officers and agents to find the stories ahead of time and enrich the articles with high-quality visuals and quotations from the teams behind the work.

Here's eight of the best, most read and widely-reached of my work at It's Nice That, the rest of my features, work and news articles can be viewed from my It's Nice That author page.

Yayoi Kusama brings infinity and her iconic pumpkins to two stunning new London shows

Idiosyncratic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s paintings, pumpkin sculptures and illusive signature mirror rooms express volumes about an enigmatic artist whose imagery, instantly recognisable in its theatricality and vibrancy, remains one of the most important artists of our time…



Across Japan there are spirits and monsters residing atop the mountains, lurking deep within the seas and slumbering in the ancient shrines that dot the islands of the enigmatic archipelago. Charles Fréger, a portrait photographer whose arresting work captures the material traditions and folk characters that bind communities together, set out to encounter and document these Yokai spirits…

James Jean's Phantasmagorical world of technicolor fever dreams

Looking at the work of LA-based, Taipei-born James Jean is like stepping in a hallucinatory world with its own internal logic, dimensions and flow of time. Simultaneously tranquil and tumultuous, his large-scale and immensely detailed paintings evoke the phantasmagorical chaos of dreams…

Cannes Lions 2016: a round-up of this year’s big winners, and losers

After 8 days of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity handing out seemingly innumerable accolades, throwing extravagant parties and press events, we finally have our winners…


Pentagram has refreshed the logo and identity for Mastercard. The instantly recognisable logo has been reworked rather than replaced, and simplified in a way that suggests an effort to modernise and diversify the brand…


After 27 years at Shad Thames, the Design Museum is upping sticks and moving west to its new home at the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington.

The Design Museum has outgrown its current location, unable to showcase the entirety of its ever expanding permanent collection. Before it closes its doors, we thought it would be nice to look back at the history of the museum…


Ian Davis’ paintings fascinate in ritualistic congress, graphically depicted in acrylic with alarming and disconcerting uniformity. These herds and hordes of men are dwarfed by their monumental environs becoming mere ant-like aggregate constituents in a larger social machine…

Grey London enlists Pencil Bandit to animate quirky branded stings for E4

Pencil Bandit has illustrated and animated a series of eight branded stings for E4, for use throughout the summer, as part of Grey London’s on-going repositioning campaign for Orangina, C’est Shook…


Here 2016, It's Nice That's annual symposium


I also aided in the final stages of organisation for It’s Nice That’s annual symposium, Here, attended by over 600 delegates from media agencies, creative agencies and leading media brands.

On the day, I was largely engaged with assisting the smooth running of social media, putting together quotes, soundbites and pictures from the event and sponsors for strategic release on the Here London and It’s Nice That social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, as well as an interactive social wall collating the social media conversation across the platforms, from delegates, clients and the INT team.

I also wrote and updated much of the copy used across the Here website, youtube and social media channels, and contributed three of the eight recap articles: Gail Bichler, Kim Gehrig and Nadav Kander.


It's Nice That:
The Graduates 2016

It’s Nice That launched The Graduates back in 2009, an editorial and mentorship scheme open to all BA students coming to the end of their studies in the UK. I was part of the editorial and creative team responsible for whittling the 1000 entries down to just 14 winners. We held a showcase exhibition and event at Downstairs at advertising agency Mother London, inviting a host of industry professionals, agencies and creatives to hear more from the winners. For the website, I interviewed, researched and wrote editorial features on three of the graduates: Tom JoyesOscar Mitchell and Michael Cox.



In addition to writing news and work articles daily, I was charged with coordinating and writing one of the It's Nice That's most read monthly regular features: Things.

Each month, I would sort through and whittle down the post and considerable submissions we had received to curate an editorial showcase of the top ten most creative and most exciting pieces. Often I would notice themes occurring throughout the vast variety of work from different artists, designers and writers, giving the editorials a sense of cohesion beyond the premise. Pulling off the feature whilst fulfilling my other duties, with its many moving parts – curating the content, contacting the creatives, writing about the pieces, photographing then, keeping detailed records and building the article in the CMS — was often a tall task. But also, always a rewarding one, see it come together, sharing the great work and giving their authors exposure and  seeing it read and enjoyed by our audience.