Jamie Green

I have a deep and enduring fascination for human behaviour.

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I have a deep and enduring fascination for human behaviour, material culture and media communications. As a graduate of Anthropology and Film with a proficiency in Japanese, I come equipped with an array of scientific, literary and media insight ready and eager to engage in the inexhaustible possibilities of human experience; as a practicing graphic artist, I have expertise in the means to formulating a response.



A notion I enjoy in particular is that we consume less for explicit functionality, than to purposefully appropriate the narratives and insinuations of that which we acquire, in order to shape our social identities.

Such speaks to my desire to see good stories conceived and brought to life.

Yet, I am by no means a finished article. Above all, I love to learn. An entry level role in media planning, strategy and advertising would afford me the opportunity to put theory into practice, learning from people through meaningful dialogues: together, actively shaping, consuming and sharing culture. 

Learning from experience

Modules in urbanisation, cosmopolitanism, evolution, language, migration and the politics of identity have versed me in navigating the processes of socialisation and globalisation, and in the means to interacting with the resultant hybridised identities that constitute complex contemporary demographics.


I relish any opportunity to investigate, analyse and discover new things…



This website isn't just a calling card, it's my portfolio! 
Below are links to a whole bunch of content. There's more information about myself in my online c.v., as well as a selection of my published writing, professional design work and a couple of personal creative projects. Hopefully you'll notice some themes emerge through the work, born out of my interests and insatiable curiosity combining anthropological science, languages and artistic practice.


All about me

Curriculum Vitae. All my professional jobs, internship and educational experience neatly listed in one place.


A selection of my published written work from It's Nice That, Printed Pagesvsnotebook., 
and University of Exeter.

PROFESSIONAL//visual communications

A selection of my professional creative communications for The Centre for Investigative Journalism, London Investigative Film Festival, The Logan Symposium, and more.


Some of my personal and university creative work across design, collage, illustration and publication.


A bunch of lovely photographs shot in London, Amsterdam and Paris.


I have keenly interested in data, and have an awareness of assessing and monitoring trends. I am intrigued by the innovations of selling to the individual through tailored communications and precision marketing based on habits. Yet, I also appreciate the merits of scope, appealing to the awareness of wider demographics who might be interested, impacted and engaged down the line.


Above all, I love to learn.